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Airport Committee

The Airport Committee's duties include developing a policy plan for future development, providing a forum of citizen input and making studies of the airport and recommendations to the City Council. The Airport Committee is not responsible for the day to day operations, marketing or land use decisions regarding the airport. To send inquiries regarding the airport or to the airport committee,


Councilor Jill Hult - Liaison

Budget Committee

The Budget Committee assists the City’s Budget Officer, with the assistance of the Finance Officer, to prepare the City’s budget each year. To send inquires regarding the City budget or to the Budget Committee,


Cemetery Beautification Committee

The Cemetery Operating Committee supervises the management and care for the Vernonia Memorial Cemetery. The committee exercises general control over the operation and care of the cemetery including the selection of a sexton. To send inquiries regarding the cemetery or to the cemetery committee,


Councilor Bruce McNair - Liaison

Emergency Preparedness Committee

The Emergency Preparedness Committee assists the City in the formation, management, and training on emergency preparedness issues when called upon. To send inquiries regarding the Emergency Preparedness Committee,


Councilor Kim Tierney - Liaison

Library Board

The Library Board acts as an advisory committee to the City Council and makes recommendations about rules and policies for the operation of the library. The board assists with the interview process of selecting and appointing a Library Director and assists this person with preparation of the Library budget. The board makes recommendations regarding purchasing items, entering into contracts and planning long range for the Vernonia Municipal Library. To send inquiries regarding the library or to the library board,


Mayor Randy Parrow - Liaison

Parks Committee

The Parks committee acts as an advisory committee to the City Council and makes recommendations regarding rules and regulations as they relate to the maintenance of the park facilities and long range plans for the development and use of the parks. To send inquiries to the parks or to the parks committee,


Mayor Randy Parrow - Liaison

Public Works Committee

The Public Works Committee reviews public works projects and makes recommendations to the City Council. To send inquiries regarding public works projects,


Councilor Mike Seager - Liaison

Sewer Rehab Project Report - November 2006