Vernonia City Documents and Forms

Business License Applications

Business License Application  Updated

Chapter 9 Sidewalk Ordinance

Chapter 9 Vernonia Sign Code

Cemetery Rules and Regulations

Cemetery Information Packet  Updated

Construction Permits

Application for Fence Permit  Updated

Building Permit Application  Updated

Building Permit Worksheet  Updated

Electrical Permit  Updated

General Building Code Requirements

Need an Inspection?  Updated

Permit Expiration

SDC and Water/Sewer Installation Charges  New

Job Application Forms

Application for Appointment (Volunteer)

Employment Application

Land Use Applications

Application for Inhabiting a Travel Trailer Permit  Updated

Application for Sign Permit

City of Vernonia Livestock Permit Application

Conditional Use Permit Application  New

Floodplain Development Permit

Nuisance Violation Complaint Form

Vacant and Abandoned Structure Registration Form

Park Facility Permits

Parks Special Event Permit  Updated

Vernonia Park Rules

Vernonia Parks Fees  Updated

Public Records Request

Public Records Request Form

Public Records Request Policy

Utility Services Applications

Application for an adjustment due to a leak

Residential Water Service Shut-off Request

Utility Account Application  New